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Best of Puaka 5 Best of Puaka 5
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Best of Puaka 5

The best of the best for 4 hours straight!<br />Beautiful girls, hot guys and uninhibited swingers celebrate a festival of lust! Each scene is full of horny action, explosive climaxes and happy ends. The very best that Puaka has to offer!<br /><br />Live audio. HC DVD, approx. 240 minutes.
Bush Babies X-Cut 6 Bush Babies X-Cut 6

Bush Babies X-Cut 6

Deep in the wet and hairy jungle…<br />The 6 naughty girls Aria, Elle MacQueen, Alisa D, Leticiya, Nina and Violetta are so hairy and overgrown that men first have to fight through their thick bushes. But once they've done that, they are rewarded with a wet paradise!<br /><br />English audio. HC DVD, approx. 99 minutes.